In Case You Get Your Chuckit Dog Toys Repaired?

Every time she catches a thrown tennis ball, she spends the next few seconds aggressively shaking and biting the ball with her mighty jaws. Once she is satisfied that her catch is “dead,” she returns the ball, ready for it to be thrown again. What if tennis balls just aren’t big enough for your pooch? If you need something much bigger – the size of a soccer ball – then look at the Kick Fetch.

  • This particular toy features sliding blocks and swivelling flippers which hide compartments for treats.
  • Dog toys are also a great way to get your pups attention away from your personal belongings.
  • For those that find their dog loves the AirDog type of toys, Kong makes a variety of other shapes and designs, including a donut, football and a fetch stick.
  • They have a very durable squeaker and aren’t easily dismantled.
  • For instance, most dogs like to play with toy balls, however this doesn’t routinely imply your canine additionally like playing with balls.
  • They call this the “World’s Toughest Soft Dog Toy” so we had to check this one out.
  • You only have to choose the correct size of ball, though since this can play a role in ensuring optimum safety for your pet hound.

While we stand behind the products we sell, sometimes they can have issues or get worn out. Always supervise your pets playtime when using any product. Inspect the products regularly and discontinue use and replace if damaged.

Fill this ball with his favorite treats and watch to your pup’s delight as they fall out while he rolls. The dog that’s entertained by every little animal noise on TV will live for this motion-activated ball. It chirps, growls, and croaks while she barks and chases it around. The ridged edges of this ball make it bounce unpredictably, making fetch more of a thinking game. One of the best ways to engage your dog for more than a few minutes is with a challenging puzzle toy.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourites from the bunch. It is made of 100% rubber and is designed for enthusiastic chewing dogs with strong bites. Most Labradors will use anything they can get their teeth on as dog chew toys. Despite the guarantees, some dogs are made of tougher stuff than the toys. Especially if your Labrador is crossed with another breed known for their powerful jaws, like Pitbulls for example. A great way to start finding a toy your dog is going to love, is to check out what other people’s pups have enjoyed getting their paws, jaws and claws into.

This one allows you to lock some of its compartments to increase the difficulty level. Your pup can roll this toy to get a treat — which means she’ll jump in excitement as soon as she sees you fill it. Tighten or loosen the screws to adjust the difficulty level.

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The Kong tennis ball lasted less than ten minutes before our lab mix ripped it apart. Quality wise, the ball is made from a heavy-duty rubber that bounces high. After hundreds of games of fetch, besides a few scratches, it hardly showed signs of wear. Even so, the only reason to choose this ball over any other on our list is because of its whistling sound. With that said, it’s not a particularly loud whistle. But you have to remember that dogs have incredibly sensitive hearing.

But some users felt that the lifespan of this device is not very long, and the inner rubber band has a tendency to break when overused. However, most appreciated the extra storage for two balls that the product provides as it can give non-stop playtime to their furry friends. Reviewers commented on how easy it was to pick the ball up without bending over, saving them from back and shoulder pain. The glow-in-the-dark feature also came in handy, helping users find the launcher and the balls in the dark. Reviewers were glad that this device allowed them to pick the ball without using their hands, keeping them mud and saliva free.

For athletic breeds that love a challenge, you might consider getting the Chuckit! “Even the most determined chewers won’t be able to destroy this solid rubber donut.” “Made of 100-percent natural wool and cotton without any glues, this bone-shaped toy is ideal for puppies.” So here are our top picks for the best balls out there, all available from Doghouse, in-store and online.

Plus, the toy features deep grooves that remain safe, even as your dog gets engrossed in trying to get to the flavor within. Also, they last for months and can be ordered from a well-stocked online pet store like

Chuckit Ultra Ball is a hollow natural rubber dog ball that is bouncy, floats, is easy to see, is very durable and light yet tough, virtually indestructible dog ball. It definitely has the fun factor and has been designed for even the most demanding use. For example, if you have a dog who loves to play ball, then a Nylabone will not do the trick. If, however, you have a dog that adores plush toys but can get a little carried away, then the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy might be the right choice for you. A fun way to improve dental health and reduce the need for surgical cleanings is to invest in toys designed to clean teeth as your dog plays.

Or you jump on Amazon and type in “dog toy,” and thousands and thousands of pages with toys pull up — with everything from balls and ropes to plush and interactive toys. Dog throw toys are the perfect way to spice up your games of fetch. We have balls, ropes and even more besides to help you choose the perfect toy for your pet. Our toys come form the leading names in the industry, such as King, Planet Dog and Ruffwear.

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The flexible joint also prevents it snapping too easily while throwing the ball. While it may need some practice, most buyers were satisfied with the performance of this thrower. Users liked the easy click method that this product has to change the distances it can shoot. It can be used inside and outside depending on the number of clicks that you select.

Spending quality time with our pets by playing fetch is an amazing bonding exercise. By investing in a ball launcher, you will keep your dog well exercised, making sure it’s healthy and happy. Reviewers enjoyed using this toy as it was easy to use and came with five durable balls that withstood chewing. Reviewers also liked the how the balls whistled through the air, engaging and aiding their dog to go after them. However, most were happy with the distance that this thrower enabled them to launch tennis balls to thoroughly tire out active pups. Chuckits unique, clever, and above all, fun fetch toys and games are designed to stimulate your dogs interest, dexterity and mental activity. With products that range from the cute to the zany (camouflage flying squirrel toss toy!), Chuckit ensures that dogs and owners will never lack for entertainment.

It is also compatible with the Chuckit ball launchers. So if you want to give your arm a rest you can use it here too. It can even be popped into the dishwasher when your dog has finished playing, to prevent it from getting chuck it ball unpleasant. It is a virtually indestructible dog ball, which can also act as a treat dispenser. You will find that if you limit the time they get to play with it each day too, it will keep its novelty for longer.

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